The artist is permitted to ask the client for:

  • A contact number – in the event of emergency, traffic or quicker contact 
  • Email addresses – To confirm the contract
  • Address of venue to get ready – so the artist knows where to come to 
  • Allergies – to ensure the client is not highly sensitive to ingredients 
  • Bank details – may be requested in the event of a refund
  • Any other details relating to the booking.
  • The artist is permitted to keep these details on her system until 1 year after the booking. After this, the client has the right to tell the artist to delete their details.
  • The artist will not share any of the client’s details without consent from the client.
  • Photography – The artist may request any photography of the artists’ work taken before, during or after the booking to be used for publicity purposes including the artist’s social media pages and website.